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Cut your long videosinto clips for social media

Only your die-hard fans want to sit down to watch your hour-long podcast interview. TheVideoClipper helps you cut out short clips from long videos and repurpose them for TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube shorts, and more.

If Gary Vaynerchuk can make 64 pieces of content in a day from a single video, and Joe Rogan can make six bite-sized clips from a single interview, why can't you?

This content-clipping strategy clearly works super well. On YouTube, a six-minute video called "Michael Keaton Might've Been the Best Batman" is so much tastier than the 212 minute "#1586 - Tony Hinchcliffe".

Clips from Joe Rogan's YouTube channel
Clips are much more watchable than full interviews.

212 minutes is three and a half hours! You've gotta schedule that in your day, and I don't even know who this Tony Hinchcliffe guy is! I'm not about to invest that much time watching the full-length video. But six minutes with a catchy title I'm curious about? Well sure, I can watch another one of those.

On twitter, instagram, facebook, and linkedin this clipping game is even more effective. What are you more likely to watch: a link to your hour-long podcast, or a 40-second titled video about a single topic that starts automatically playing as you scroll?

But here's the thing: making these types of clips is hard. You've gotta:

  • 🔎 track down your original long video (and hope you have the disk space)
  • 🎬 make a new iMovie or Final Cut Pro project (which takes too many clicks)
  • ⏳ import the entire video (and HOPE YOU HAVE THE DISK SPACE)
  • 📺 watch through it for interesting bits (and try to remember what the shortcut was for speeding up playback)
  • 🎬 when you find each one, mark the start of the clip, mark the end of the clip, then select your timeline from the start to the end and make another project and paste that section in (but you probably didn't get it exactly right so do a little trimming after it's pasted)
  • 📐 fiddle with the dimensions to make it square and resize the video so it's in the middle
  • 🖋 add a title
  • 📜 oh boy don't get me started on subtiles. Maybe export the video and upload it to a service that'll do the subtitling for you?
  • 📮 PHEW time to upload each clip to Buffer and then never go through this process again

But the only real parts of that workflow that require your big ol' 🧠 human-intelligence meat computer are:

  • 📺 watch through your long video on YouTube for interesting bits at 2-3x speed
  • 📌 mark an interesting clip
  • 🖋 add a title

All the cruft around actually making the video once you have a 📺 video, 📌 marked start and end point of a clip, and 🖋 title is so well defined that a well trained computer could probably do it.

So I trained a computer to do it.

Here's an example clip I made with ✂️ TheVideoClipper from a long-form 43-minute podcast episode of my podcast makers.dev:

✂️ TheVideoClipper let me make that clip from the full video in about five minutes soup-to-nuts, including the subtitles 🤯

Here's sneak peek of how ✂️ TheVideoClipper lets me repurpose content so quickly:

✂️ TheVideoClipper isn't ready for just anybody to sign up yet but it's got a handful of early adopters churning out clips (mostly me).

Here's some early product feedback I got from TheVideoClipper's first paying customer Brendan Hufford:

You're not charging enough. You're basically selling me money. I can take this clip, put it on linkedin, and two or three people are going to book sales off of that.

If you, like Brendan, read through this thinking "I LITERALLY NEED THIS EXACT THING RIGHT NOW" because you're sitting on a gigantic rotting media vault hiding years of potentially viral 💎 daily content that could be out there working for you to get new followers and you have a moderately high pain tolerance for alpha software then grab a time with me and I'll getcha manually onboarded with what works so far!

If you'd prefer to wait for an official launch and you'd like ~monthly development updates then slap your electronic mail address down here:

✂️ TheVideoClipper launch list

Sign up and you'll get ~monthly development updates and an email when it's ready to help you upgrade your social media marketing game.

There will be a big ol' "Unsubscribe" link in everything I send you if you change your mind.

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